December 13, 2013
"Edge" Magazine Features Article on Galak-Z and Cyntient AI
Game Informer September 2013

The December 2013 issue of "Edge" Magazine, in stores now, features an article on Galak-Z and the Cyntient AI technology that drives it.

In the article, 17-Bit CEO Jake Kazdal discusses the game-changing vision behind the game, as well as why he opted for Cyntient AI:

Enemy intelligence is the key, with Kazdal's 17-Bit studio enlisting the services of Cyntient, a Seattle-based startup working on an AI plug-in. It's here that Kazdal's comparisons to big-budget games begin to hold water. "I'm a huge fan of the adventure shooter, stuff like Halo and Far Cry 3, which I thought was fantastic. Having these enemies out on these organic patrols, out looking for you with their vision cones, where you can choose to sneak past them or engage... We're putting a lot of effort into the AI."

And it shows. Circle behind an enemy and you can dispatch them before they know what's hit them, but take them head on and things are different. They're incredibly aggressive, chasing after you, calling for backup and communicating, their chatter intercepted by your ship when you're close enough. Knock out an assailant's shields, however, and it will retreat, letting others keep up the pressure while its defences recharge. "We spend a lot of time talking about the dynamics, how characters should react, how much self-preservation they have under different circumstances. These guys will continue to track you. It's not like you can run past an invisible line and they'll stop coming after you. They'll continue to chase as long as they have an idea of where you are. I want this feeling of freshness, of responsibility. You really have to engage. You can't just walk out of the room and restart it."

For the full article, including the excerpt shown above, you can find the Edge December 2013 issue at most newsstands, book stores and game stores.

Galak-Z will be available for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

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