August 23, 2013
"" Thinks Galak-Z May Be "The PS4's Secret Weapon"

Europe's leading independent video games website,, features an article on Galak-Z in which it thinks it may be "The Sony Playstation 4's Secret Weapon".

Some notable quotes:

With Galak-Z, it's arcade classics themselves that get a reinvention... Asteroids and Centipede both get a name-checking - but so do Fallout 3, Rogue Legacy, Metroid and GTA. Space-based dog-fighting in a procedural, flattended-out cosmos. Is this the first open-universe game?

It certainly felt like that during the brief glimpse we all got of Galak-Z during Sony's E3 press conference... It's the indies that have really made the PlayStation 4 exciting... the smaller teams had a great opportunity to surprise everyone this June [at E3]... and [17-BIT] did.

It's not hard to see why Sony was so eager to get Galak-Z on stage.

In the article, 17-BIT CEO Jake Kazdal discusses his vision behind the game, as well as why leading edge AI powered by Cyntient is critical for its success.

Galak-Z will be available for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

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