August 23, 2013
"Game Informer" Magazine Features Article on Galak-Z, Powered by Cyntient
Game Informer September 2013

The World's #1 Computer and Video Game Resource, "Game Informer" has over 8 million paid monthly subscribers and is the 3rd largest print publication in the United States. Their September 2013 issue, in stores now, features an article on Galak-Z and the Cyntient technology that helps bring it to life.

In the article, 17-BIT CEO Jake Kazdal discusses his vision behind the game, as well as why he opted for Cyntient AI:

Although Kazdal says the open-world format and exploration elements make Galak-Z as much of an adventure game as an action game, combat is still the main focus, and enemies are far more advanced than those in the typical top-down space shooter. "Everyone's conditioned to just have enemies blindly attack them", Kazdal says. "I was like, 'What if we took modern AI and made each one of those little pilots a dude with an agenda and squad tactics and all this other stuff?'"

To achieve this, 17-BIT is using a high-end AI middleware called Cyntient, which also simulates vision and sound detection cones for individual pilots. In addition to flanking players and teaming up with their fellow wingmen, enemies are also smart enough to take cover, call in backup or flee to fight another day if the battle isn't going in their favor. Space pirates make up the third faction in Galak-Z, and will liven up battles between the humans and Imperials. These autonomous raiders don't play well with either side. "The space pirates are a Mad Max-y, sort of very loosely aligned federation of cutthroats and ne'er-do-wells who also hate the Imperials," Kazdal says. "So there will be a lot of fun mission structure, bouncing those guys off each other - like in Halo when you're fighting the Flood and Covenant. I love that kind of flow."

A video interview with 17-Bit, in addition to the new trailer for Galak-Z, is available here.

For the full article, including the excerpt show above, you can find the Game Informer September 2013 issue at most newsstands, book stores and game stores.

Galak-Z will be available for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

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