February 21, 2014
"Kotaku" Talks Galak-Z and How Cyntient AI Enables a Dynamic Game World
Kotaku Feb 2014

The popular gaming site Kotaku talks to 17-BIT CEO Jake Kazdal, who explains how their open-ended real-time mission generation is made possible by the use of Cyntient AI.

In the article:

Kazdal says that 17-Bit are trying to build a future version of a space shooter. "It looks like a bullet-hell but it's not," he offered. "It's more about using the environment and trying to psych out the enemy AI." That AI will be using middleware by Cyntient to create patrol and combat behaviors for enemies, all inside an ecosystem brimming with lifeforms and factions that can and will fight each other. Reading the landscape is going to be a key to victory, too. Fighting enemies inside a cavernous asteroid? Use your machine gun fire to knock them into spikes. That lava pool on the left side of the screen? Shoot at it to pop off lethal bubbles that will damage whatever they hit.

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Galak-Z will be available for PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015.

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